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With options dwindling for insureds with "fall from heights" exposures in New York, the creation of Labor Law 240 Risk Purchasing Group LLC (LL240RPG) represents the first new viable alternative introduced in the past three years. The RPG is written by a Bests rated A,XIII carrier with an established background in New York construction.  The policy provides all of the necessary terms and conditions required by all of the major general contractors or construction managers.  

Trust Labor Law 240 Insurance in Cresskill, New Jersey, as your insurance safety net and you will not be disappointed with the results.


Casualty Insurance Coverage

Virtually all New York direct trade contractors are experiencing difficulties in obtaining General and Excess Liability coverage providing contractually required coverages and limits, at affordable premiums, largely due to the Labor Law 240/241 Statutes that are unique to New York State labor law.  Labor Law 240 Insurance represents the only Risk Purchasing Group currently registered with the sole purpose of providing coverage to New York Trade Contractors.  In order to recognize the need for an alternative to the current available markets, you simply need to review a few recent renewals experienced by New York contractors of all sizes, regardless of their broker representative.   Learn more about how to become a member of the Risk Purchasing Group and help to allow us to negotiate better terms and conditions at more affordable premiums than any individual account can realistically hope to achieve in today's insurance market. 

Labor Law 240/241

Be familiar with the statutes that govern workplace accidents involving "fall from heights" in New York State.  In addition to the actual statutes, you will find current information regarding any recent lobbying efforts, settlements, or other related news under our soon to be launched legal section.  This section will also include contract reviews of requirements common to many different owners, general contractors, and public authorities with regard to insurance.

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Let Labor Law 240 Insurance keep you informed regarding issues that are essential to the continued success of your business.  Contact us in Cresskill, New Jersey to learn how you can become a member, or simply complete our RPG membership registration form to begin the process.

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