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Labor Law 240 Insurance - Consulting

About Us
With options dwindling for insureds with "fall from heights" exposures in New York, the creation of Labor Law 240 RPG LLC provides a consulting service to review non-client's current policies making sure you have the proper coverage in place.    

Casualty Insurance Coverage
Virtually all New York direct trade contractors are experiencing difficulties in obtaining General and Excess Liability coverage providing contractually required coverages and limits, at affordable premiums, largely due to the Labor Law 240/241 Statutes that are unique to New York State labor law. We will review your current policies and make suggestions for you and your broker. 

Labor Law 240/241
Be familiar with the statutes that govern workplace accidents involving "fall from heights" in New York State.  Our company seeks to keep you updated on the current state of Labor Law 240/241 and any current actions being taken to modify it.  We have also included a complete copy of the statutes for your convenience.

Trust Labor Law 240 Insurance as your insurance safety net and you will not be disappointed with the results!

Contact us to discuss any insurance issues relating to the Labor Law 240/241 statutes.